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the whole town woke up to, morning deejay, steven bing. >> he was so funny and had such a great love of music. >> he is lovable, everybody loves steven b. >> but soon, it was fatally clear that not everybody did. >> they came up on a body floating in the water. >> shot him one time in the back of the head. >> i felt like i was in some made-for-tv movie, like this can't be happening. >> what did happen? >> tonight, the hunt is on. a gleaming yacht. >> i thought why did you get on that boat. >> a scheming businessman. and a missing fortune. >> you are a multimillionaire and you are don't have any money. >> from high seas adventure to heart-stopping murder. >> i don't think i will ever get another case quite like this. >> who killed the radio star? welcome to "dateline," everyone, i'm lester holt. he was one of the lucky ones who found fame and fortune, a deejay with a golden voice on the radio and a golden touch in life. then, he vanished, in a mystery that stretched from the coast of california to a quiet town in montana. and the clue to it all, you might never guess, wrapped in a nap
was walking on the beach, thinking about his friend of 30 years, the murdered one-time deejay, steven b. williams. >> and i see this light on the beach. and i thought, now, what can that be? i dropped my cell phone and it had landed face-up and the panel was lighting up and i walked over to it, and i picked it up and it was ken clark, detective clark, calling to tell me they had arrested harvey. it was a real great sense of relief. it was almost indescribable. >> reporter: which is, perhaps, where the movie version of this story would end. but real life is not quite like that. for all the suspicion of steven's friends, the murder case against harvey morrow was rather weak. no evidence sufficient to prove that harvey shot steven and dumped his body in the ocean. >> we were looking for steven's dna on the boat, knowing that his death was caused by a gunshot wound. it was pretty obvious that there should be something that said this is where it was. >> reporter: but there wasn't. no blood, no gun. no significant fingerprints. what they needed, couldn't find, was something that put the two m
and ambassador chris stevens, one of america's finest and bravest foreign service officers. i didn't know sean smith, i know he's a great american who served his country, but i had gotten to know chris stevens quite well. and ambassador chris stevens' death, the libyan people have lost a champion and believer in the peaceful aspirations of their democratic revolution. the american people have lost a selfless and dedicated servant of our interests and our values, and i have lost a friend. my thoughts and prayers today are with chris' family and the loved ones of his fallen colleagues. my god grant them comfort in their time of grief. our most urge vent -- urgent order of business is now is to ensure our citizens in libya and egypt and elsewhere across the world are safe. americans look to the government in libya and egypt and elsewhere to meet their responsibilities in this regard. we also look to the libyan government to ensure that those responsible for yesterday's attack in benghazi are swiftly brought to justice. in all of these critical tasks we are confident our government will provide al
, including the ambassador who grew up in the east bay. >>> ambassador stevens and three others were killed when a mob attacked the united states consulate in benghazi. stevens was raised in piedmont. >>> ambassador stevens' body and those of the other victims will be on their way to a u.s. military base in germany before heading home. a marine anti-terrorist team is on the ground providing security. the ambassador is again many that means here and in washington there's mourning. >> as an lamb an -- as-salaam alaikum. my name is chris stevens. >> the piedmont native spent most of his diplomatic career in the arab world with two tours in libya before he was appointed in may. five months after getting the job his life came to a violent and chaotic end when protesters stormed the embassy in benghazi. >> we condemn in the strongest terms, this senseless act of violence. we send our prayers to the families, friends and colleagues of those we've lost. >> three other americans died in the attack which was patient fully reaction to an online movie made by a california film maker that in s islam and
and family are grieving the death of a u.s. ambassador who was killed. u.s. ambassador chris stevens died along with three other diplomats in eastern libya. it was blamed on a youtube video but there is word tonight it may have been planned to coinside with 9/11. we have live team coverage tonight. ktvu's david stevenson has the debate involving free speech and ktvu's mike mibach is live at university of california at berkeley where colleagues and friends of chris stevens are in mourning tonight. >> reporter: chris stevens majored in history right here at university of california at berkeley, graduated in 1982 and his brother told me chris stevens knew his journey in life would be an adventure. >> i am excited to return to libya. >> reporter: the family of chris stevens said he took pride in his job. he was cool, balanced, easy. that was his career and he loved it. >> i don't have much to offer here. just as a friend reach out. >> reporter: today he dropped off flowers that home of chris stevens' parents. they lived in piedmont where chris stevens graduated from piedmont high school. he s
for the bay area native and ambassador christopher stevens, the first ambassador killed in the line of duty in 33 years. we have live team coverage on the attack. we'll also hear from stevens' family and friends. and more why google won't remove the controversial video being blamed for the uprising. first, details on what's happening now. >> what happened last night was heartbreaking. >> reporter: the president tonight in an interview with telemundo, promised a full investigation. tonight, the pentagon is sending two u.s. warships to the libyan coast. and dozens of marines to the region. so far, no word on specific orders. the u.s. consulate building was burned and riddled with bullets. >> my name is chris stevens. and i'm the new ambassador. >> reporter: stevens and three others were killed. four flag-draped coffins followed an emotional scene. >>> cheryl hurd joins us from berkeley, where the spirit of chris stevens is shining brightly tonight. cheryl? >> reporter: it is, indeed. it was a somber evening here in berkeley tonight. the candlelight vigil started with a moment of silen
be a fall out that killed the ambassad ambassador, chris stevens. george? >> well, it will be up to the district attorney's office to determine whether this week's attack is a hate crime. we talked to a muslim woman who saw the whole thing. she was putting peace flowers at the wine and art festival, and she and others were handing out educational literature about muslim and a man came up to the booth screaming. >> he started cursing saying you all are terrorists. >> it went on for a couple of minutes before without any warning the angry man attacked a volunteer. >> he took a swing and he punched one of our volunteers and it just punched him in the eye. and his eye was swolen and he started to bleed. >> police were called out and officers arrested the man for assault. they belief that the current unrest in parts of the middle east led up to the assault. >> i believe it stirred up hatred in the public. >> in your mind, is it a hate crime? >> it is a hate crime. it's sad and unfortunate. >> the police are not ruling out the possibility that the assault was a hate crime. >> it's a po
americans killed in libya about to be brought in. among those killed, chris stevens, sean smith, glen doherty, tyrone woods. you can see the caskets coming off the planes. chris stevens was a diplomat and served two tours in libya. sean smith was an air force veteran. he was an information specialist. glen doherty, a former navy s.e.a.l., he was 42. his sister saying he was the best of the best. he wouldn't have gone down for some protest over a movie. this was a serious, well-planned, well-executed attack. he was good at what he did, her wos. and tyrone woods. three sons, family member saying he loved life, loved adrenaline. you could not find a more skilled s.e.a.l. than him. live pictures. secretary clinton there, president obama. the families have gathered there in the hangar, as well, we're told. earlier in the week, the president reaching out to the family of ambassador stevens. both have spoken in recent days of the work of these four in libya. the secretary of state, hillary clinton, talking about her own faith, saying refraining from violence is not a sign of weakness in one'
and millions of muslims. first, we want to bring in elise labott. she has known ambassador stevens for ten years. she works at the state department for us. elise this is a tragedy for the entire diplomatic community this morning. >> yes, yes. john, this is a terrible day for the state department. everyone is going to be in mourning today. it's not just the fact that chris stevens was such a popular figure of the state department. really, one of the cream of the crop of the u.s. foreign service. but it's been many years since someone of this level has been killed in an attack like this. so i think there's going to be a lot of shockwaves through the state department. after all the u.s. has done for the libyans. using force to get rid of moammar gadhafi, to help libya stand up as it moved towards elections, as it tries to start anew. i think there's going to be a lot of gut checking right now about how the u.s. wants to proceed. not just with libya. but with a lot of countries in the middle east. i mean if you look at the islamic wave that has swept the middle east in terms of these r
stephens killed in the country he was trying to say. stevens was among four u.s. and plans to die in an assault on u.s. consulate in benghazi and tonight u.s. warships are moving into position off the coast of libya and there is evidence the attack may have been an act of terrorism reporter elizabeth cook shows us how the attack went down and help political leaders are reacting tonight. can u.s. intelligence officials tell cbs news this was not an out of control demonstrations u.s. intelligence suspects the suspect that they took advantage of last month's demonstration against an anti muslim film to launch their assault on the anniversary of 911. >>> a trashed burned out building is all that remains of the u.s. consulate in benghazi. dewis the world must stand together suit rejects these brutal acts. was turned into a four hour gun battle began. stevens went missing his body was not found until after the attack was over. officials did not know whether he was shot to death or suffocated in the smoke. >>> make no mistake we'll work with the libyan government to bring to justice th
the libyan president for keeping. the investigation is under way for the death of chris stevens, sean smith and two others during an attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. the u.s. is investigating whether it's a coordinated effort by terrorists. fbi has sent a team to help with the investigation and a contingent of marines will boost security. lots of going on. >> reporter: president obama promises to bring the killers to justice. meanwhile the horrific events haven't stopped the presidential candidates from attacking one another. egyptian police clashed with demonstrators outside the u.s. embassy in cairo overnight. it's the latest in a wave of violence in egypt and libya that led to the deaths of u.s. ambassador to libya and three other americans. president obama promises the u.s. will find those responsi e responsible. >> i want to assure you we'll bring their killers to justice. >> reporter: investigators say stevens death was planned. . >> appears to be well-planned out. certainly this was more than just a protest gone bad but whether or not it was a premeditated al qaeda attack,
the responsibility and that man is stewart stevens. way, who? ♪ >> jennifer: have a disastrous week that had rom any slipping in the polling and bungling his response town rest in the middle east. his campaign is going into serious reboot mode. what is he doing now? he is rolling out new ads, hyping up his stale-old, five-point plan. a detail free document that didn't get any traction the last time he rolled it out. >> trade has to work for america. that means crack down on trade fors like china. next balance the budget. we have got to cut the deficit. and finally, champion small business. we put those in place we'll add 12 million new jobs in four years. >> five points. where is this new -- well actually this old strategy coming from? "politico" from this morning, it's all top romney campaign strategist stewart stevens. he's reportedly not only the campaign's chief strategist, but also its chief ad maker and chief speech writer. those were three different positions in the obama and bush campaign. so you stevens is reportedly pushing for romney to keep dodging the specifics
in 1982 and used with us cool in 1989 stevens is the first u.s. ambassador killed in the line of duty since 1979 happening on the anniversary of 911 the so far no official word if there's any connection between the two events which do know gunman charged the consulate and set fire to the building and the protesters were angry over a film ridiculing as slum profit mohammed. it was produced by american named reportedly now hiding promoted by an egyptian born into a muslim advocate in the u.s. and excerpts were transmitted to arabic of coastal new to 3/8 trevelyan's earlier people protesting the phone skills the walls of the u.s. embassy in cairo each shift tearing down the american flag and replace it with an islamic factor. the secretary of state issued a statement saying those who have been killed and " committed to helping the libyan people reach for a better future. obama's it is strongly condemned the attacks and this just in. libya's interim president apologizing to the u.s. for the attack and the state department will have a news conference at 630 our time will be that as soon as
find the killer there. the u.s. ambassador, chris stevens died tuesday night after a mob stormed the consulate in benghazi. the violence spreading not only in cairo, you can see live pictures from egypt. spreading in the region and to a certain degree as well. we'll stay on top of the. that's it for us, thank you very much for watching, "ac 360" starts right now. of it. that's it for us. thanks very much for watching. "360" starts right now. >>> breaking news, what appears to be a running battle on the streets of cairo between police and protesters outside and near the u.s. embassy and at a mosque in tahrir square. these are live pictures you're looking at. late new developments in the wake of the siege there yesterday in benghazi, libya, that left four americans dead. including j. christopher stevens, the ambassador to libya who's being remembered as a dedicated and talented advocate for this country overseas. it is hard to overstate the significance of what happened last night at that american consulate in benghazi. he is the first ambassador to be killed in the line of duty in
stevens was not a political appointment -- appointee. he was a foreign service officer, as i indicated served in the peace corps, spent his life giving of his time and his talents to promote democracy around the world. i supported president obama's directive to provide whatever resources are necessary to keep our personnel in libya safe. i'll continue to monitor the situation as we learn more about mr. mcconnell: madam president? the presiding officer: the republican leader. mr. mcconnell: we learned yesterday and are receiving reports this morning of the attacks against the united states embsy in cairo and the u.s. consulate in bengazi in libya. in libya, our ambassador chris stevens and three other americans were killed in the service of our nation. our thoughts and sympathies today are with the families of these brave americans. these attacks remind us of the sacrifices made on a daily basisaway foreign service officers, diplomatic security personnel and our marine security guards. i joi my colleagues in strongly condemning the murder of these innocent americans, and i strongly supp
is chris stevens and i'm the new u.s. ambassador to libya. >> there is absolutely no justification that type of senseless violence. none. >> this attack on american individuals and embassies is outrageous. >> shepard: now from the white house, promises of justice. and increased security at american diplomatic posts all over the world. and that is first from fox this wednesday night as this news story continues to develop overseas even as i speak. there are questions tonight about whether this violence was not spontaneous at all. but instead a carefully calculated plot coming exactly nine years after the attacks of 9/11. yesterday, somebody killed four americans and wounded three others an attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi in libya. among the dead, according to the intelligence he has received. this looks like a well planned operation targeting our ambassador. >> i have no doubt about it. it was a coordinated military style commando type raid that had both direct fire and indirect fire. >> shepard: nothing like that. overseas to this nation since 1979. senior u.s. officials n
the attack that claimed a lives of ambassador chris stevens and three other americans, now embassies in seven countries in the middle east and africa on high alert. today they set fire to the u.s. consulate as part of a wave of violent demonstrations over a new film the protesters say insults the prophet mohammad. stevens and a group of embassy employees had actually gone there to try and evacuate its staff during the attack. >> in while youtube has blocked the controversial video that sparked the attacks from showing in egypt. we start with danielle nottingham with more on the international fallout from the state department. >> u.s. officials are investigating whether this was a planned attack. right now the state department has ordered on on the emergency personnel out of libya and the state department is warning u.s. citizens not to travel there. chris stevens, the u.s. ambassador to libya, was killed as the american consulate came under attack. u.s. officials confirm stevens, shaun smyth, and two other americans, were killed as they try to evacuate staff members from the complex. shall ma
stevens, the ambassador to libya who's being remembered as a dedicated and talented advocate for this country overseas. it is hard to overstate the significance of what happened last night at that american consulate in benghazi. he is the first ambassador to be killed in the line of duty in the last three decades and only the sixth in the entire history of american diplomacy. tonight we're learning that his death and the deaths of three of his staffers may have come not at the hands of a random mob of islamic fundamentalists who were riled up by a shadowy anti-muslim youtube film, instead, sources say that a pro-al qaeda group is the key suspect now and a senior u.s. official says american surveillance drones are expected to join in the hunt for them. the fbi is also investigating. as we said at the top of the program, american warships armed with cruise missiles have begun steaming closer to libya. a marine unit is headed to tripoli to protect the embassy there and other forces may be called to beef up protection globally. >> we're working with the government of libya to sec
.s. ambassador christopher stevens and three members of his staff were killed overnight in the fiery wreckage of the u.s. consulate in the city of benghazi. it happened after hundreds of people converged on the consulate to protest a little- known internet film that ridicules islam. the film was produced in the united states. it was just a year ago that the u.s. helped overthrow libya's dictator moammar qaddafi and christopher stevens was one of the americans on the ground then helping the rebels to victory. we have a team of correspondents we have a team of correspondents on this story and we will go first to david martin who's been talking to his sources at the pentagon. david? >> reporter: good evening, scott. u.s. officials say this was not an out-of-control demonstration, but a well-executed attack by a well-armed band of extremist. officials suspect the attackers where either linked to or sympathized with al qaeda and that they took advantage of a demonstration against that anti- muslim film to launch their assault on the anniversary of 9/11. american ambassador chris stevens and inform
-- diplomatsf including chris stevens. nevada, president obama praised those who .acrificed their lives >> we want to send a message around the world, anybody who do us harm, no acts of will dim the light of the values we proudly shine on the the world and no act of violence will shake the resolve states of america. >> paul ryan tonight in ohio. our hearts are heavy and thoughts and prayers go with today.tims to pray for them when we get home. some suggest the attack was related to a video, others say executed possibly by al qaeda. riot police are keeping as far as they can from the u.s. embassy in cairo. there are reports of protesters slogans.anti-american >> there are reports of injuries to clashes near the u.s. embassy. >> we have more details for you on ambassador christopher stevens who was among the four victims in the attack. he served two tors in libya. stevens is the sixth ambassador to be killed on duty, the first since 1979. is survived by his parents and a sister. stevens and three others remembered in our region. live with more of frustrations expressed by mourners and their res
by chris stevens. james rosen that piece of the puzzle and reaction over its use. >> reporter: at issue here is a hard bound book containing seven pages of handwritten notes made by ambassador steens. cnn says correspondent found the journal on consulate grounds three days after the attack there. in his notes stevens reportedly expressed concern about never ending security threats and he was worried that he was placed on al-qaeda hit list. asked if he cabled back the concerns. state department that the f.b.i. is investigating however a former ambassador told fox news megyn kelly that the contents of the stevens journal may expose a failing to the approach to the region. >> i'm sure if he believed that security was a problem he would have informed the state department's diplomatic security bureau and should have taken the necessary steps. the fact that he and three other americans were killed by definition shows there was massive failure of security. >> reporter: at first cnn only cited an individual familiar with his thinking. anderson cooper exposed the existence of the journal an aide
states ambassador to libya chris stevens. our foreign affairs correspondent, jill dougherty, has been working her sources to get a better idea on exactly what happened. our senior international correspondent nic robertson is monitoring the search for who's responsible. and our pentagon correspondent chris lawrence is keeping tabs on the u.s. military's response to what's going on as well. let's go to jill first. she's watching what's going on. jill, what's the latest over at the state department beyond the heartbreak of a top u.s. diplomat, three others killed? >> right, wolf. just in a few minutes we're expecting an update, a briefing on background by senior officials here at the state department. but for now this is what we know based on the conversations and what we are hearing from u.s. officials. tuesday night at the u.s. consulate in benghazi, a complex and highly dangerous situation. outside an anti-american protest. then a group of heavily armed militants, approximately two dozen of them, launched an attack firing rocket propelled grenades. >> the attack in libya is -- appears
of ambassador steven autos and one person said we're learning more about the film. >> there was never a mention of mohammed. >> this actress says the title and script were changed after filming. the man has admitted to managing the production company and cindy says it film maker used a same sam basille changed the script he said tell the world it wasn't you that did it, it was me, the one who wrote the script because i'm tired of radical muslims running around, killing everyone. >> federal authorities say the man is behind the film, a 55-year-old california man a christian one convicted of financial crimes, it's believed he made up the identity of sam basille, the alleged film director. coming up, social media sites providing a platform for some to try to calm the unrest in the middle east. >> there is a close friend of chris stevens talking about the mission in libya and failed security measures at the u.s. consulate. abc 7 news is live at the uc berkeley campus. >> there is a united nations mediator and a visiting scholar, today he's mourning the loss of a friend and asking about the poor sec
christopher stevens. president obama and secretary of state hillary clinton are calling it an act of senseless violence. >> video from last night shows the scene with the compound and several vehicles in flames. stevens was leaving the consulate as it was stormed by protesters as they were upset over the video of prophet muhammad. stevens was named ambassador to libya this year. both president obama and hillary clinton praised his efforts to help the new libyan government. >> at the height of the libyan revolution, chris led our diplomatic post in benghazi with skill, courage and resolve. he built partnerships. >> i risked his life to stop a tyrant and gave his life trying to help build a better libya. the world needs more chris stevens'. >> libya's interim government has condemned the attack. >> marla, as we mentioned, the death of stevens has hit close to home in the bay area. >> he was a graduate of piedmont high school and u.c. berkeley. we have christie smith live from cal with more on his life and service. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, marla. shock and outrage. that is
, christopher stevens. officials said he died when the consulate was set on fire. three others died. there's been no confirmation from the united states. the secretary of hillary clinton issued a statement. but she added there is no justification for violence. emily buchanon has more. >> inferno overnight at the u.s. consulate in benghazi. militants stormed the compound and set fire to buildings. it's not clear yet how the ambassador died, but reports suggests his car may have come under rocket attacks as he and others were trying to escape. the anger was sparked by a provocative film made by an israeli american about the life of the prophet muhammad. >> my name is christopher stevens and i'm the new u.s. ambassador to libya. >> the american ambassador of christopher stevens had a lifelong interest in the middle east. he had been in libya for less than four months after taking up his post in may. the killings was strongly condemned by libya's general national congress. it's not clear who is responsible. some suggest hard line groups. but the country's deputy interior minister accused realm
. in tribute to ambassador stevens. >> joining me now, msmbc's john hiel man and washington editor at large for the atlantic, steve clemons. joy when your biggest fan is rush limbaugh, you're in trouble. >> the word that keeps coming back to me when i think about the performance mitt romney has put on here is it lacks a sesh dignity. when all you're doing is constantly chasing the lowest common denominator and the approval of people who have no responsibility for governing, who have never been bothered to take the rivg of getting involved in politics and who themselves have no credibility other than the far reaches of the right, there is no dignity in that, the american people if nothing else they look for a lot of intangible qualities and dignity and decency are two of them. and i think at this point mitt romney has sacrificed both. >> how should the romney campaign have reacted the situation? >> i think they should have done, i think, what barack obama would have done if mitt romney were president. i can easily imagine him saying americans were attacked, republicans were attacked, democra
in this violence. his name is chris stevens. this is reporting from reuters and afp. we are working with our folks to confirm it but ambassador chris stevens who just came into the post in may, he was brought into the post in tripoli in may killed yesterday in those attacks on our facilities in benghazi. the state department confirmed last night the death of the state department official. at the time last night secretary of state hillary clinton said our thoughts and prayers are with his family. now reuters and afp say it is indeed the american ambassador to libya who perished in that attack on our embassy. >> and his name is john christopher stevens born in northern california in 1960. he came to libya for a second time in april of 2011 arriving on a cargo ship. the u.s. government sent him to rebel headquarters to serve as a special representative to the libyan national transitional council there. and all the violence really escalated and stemmed from the anti-muslim movie created in america and circulated on facebook. and there was a call to action to go to the u.s. embassy in cairo and to prot
the death of chris stevens. >> i asked chris to be our envoy to the rebel opposition. he arrived on a cargo ship in the port of -- of benghazi. he risked his life to stop a tyrant and then gave his life to help build a better libya. the word needs more chris stevenses. i spoke with his sister -- chris stevens. i spoke with his sister, ann, this morning and told her he will be a hero by many nations. shawn smith was an air force veteran. he spent ten years as an information management officer in the state department. he was posted at the hague and was in libya on a brief, temporary assignment. he was a husband to his rife, heather, with whom i spoke this moving -- morning. he was a father to two young children, samantha and nathan. they will grow up proud of their father for the service he gave to our country, the service that took us toback and finally to benghazi. the mission that drew them to libya is both noble and necessary and we and the people of libya honor their memory by carrying it forward. this is not easy. today, many americans are asking, indeed, i asked myself, how could this
is obviously global, but the emotion is very local. ambassador stevens went to piedmont high school and then to uc berkeley. tonight his friends and family are trying to cope with the sudden loss. jodi hernandez continues our coverage now from berkeley. jodi? >> reporter: raj, stevens studied history here at uc berkeley. the chancellor says he had a passion for making the world a better and more peaceful place. perhaps nowhere is his loss being felt more tonight than here in the east bay. >> just couldn't believe it. went through the usual denial, kind of hoping that wasn't the chris stevens. but of course i knew he was in libya. so it had to be him. >> reporter: george sharpenberger spent the day thinking about his friend and fellow peace corps member chris stevens. the two served together in the peace corps in the '80s. the uc berkeley grad taught english to kids in a small moroccan town. sharpenberger says even back then stevens dreamed of becoming an ambassador. >> he fell in love with morocco and that part of the world. it was kind of a spark that shaped the rest of his career.
ambassador and a bay area native chris stevens. this is his picture. stevens is one of four americans killed in a rocket attack at the u.s. embassy in benghazi. alison burns is live in our washington, d.c. bureau now to tell us what happened and what sparked the violence. >> reporter: at this hour it's unclear who is responsible for the attack that killed ambassador chris stevens. stevens and three other americans were killed on a rocket strike on the american consulate. their deaths came as protestors allegedly angry about an online film that is offensive to islam attacked u.s. compounds in libya and egypt. pictures from the scene are airing on cnn. a former pentagon spokesperson is suggesting the attacks might have been coordinated and linked to the 9/11 anniversary. the jib january government is condemning the attacks. stanes -- president obama is calling him a courageous representative of the united states. secretary of state hillary clinton say there is is profound sadness over his death. alison burns ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> protestors climbed the embassy walls, they ripped down
has confirmed this morning that u.s. ambassador to libya chris stevens was killebenghazi. also dead with three other embassy officials. after protesters with automatic rifles, rocket row spelled grenades attacked the u.s. consulate and set it on fire in benghazi. president obama said in a statement this morning, quote, i strongly condemn the outrageous attack on our diplomatic facility in benghazi which took the lives of four americans including ambassador chris stevens. while the united states rejects efforts to deny great the religious rebeliefs of other, we must oppose kind of senseless violence that took the lives of these public ser vabts. according to the white house, the president was informed by national security adviser yesterday afternoon as he started his weekly meeting with secretary of defense and chairman of the joint chiefs. then president obama was notified last night that ambassador stevens was unaccounted for and then this morning he was notified about his death. secretary of state hillary clinton also condemned the attacks expressing, quote, proceed noubd sadness
profound sadness over the deaths of the americans, including ambassador stevens. >> today many americans are asking, indeed, i asked myself, how could this happen? how could this happen in a country we helped liberate in a city we helped save from destruction? >>> the protests sparked by outrage over a film made by an israeli filmmaker in california, and the film sparking outrage in neighboring egypt. we covered this with nbc news white house correspondent, and chuck i want to start with you and talk about the developments this morning. we have overnight back and forth between the campaigns and the white house. you have mitt romney blasting the president overnight saying they were standing by the comments from what he had to say in florida. competing appearances from the president and from mitt romney and all of a sudden the foreign policy issue has exploded in a big way on this campaign. i know the first read came out this morning with the thoughts just before 10:00 a.m. describing what had happened overnight, calling it over the top, and saying after learning new information about the
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